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We’re not some pop-up emergency clinic that will be gone in a year.
We’ve been serving clients for over 25 years.
We’re established, reliable, and will be here to help, for even the most chronic pain conditions.

Complex Pain Medication Management

We stay on the cutting edge of every technique. We work on every type of pain. We are dedicated to offering truly world-class solutions to our clients.
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InterventionAL management Techniques

We take the time to learn your pain, so our solutions address your issues. We’re not only unified as doctors, we’re unified with our patients.
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Spinal Cord Stimulation/IntrATHEcal Pump Solutions 

We're specialists in spinal techniques. You can trust our work on even the most delicate of pain relief procedures.
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Regenerative Medicine

Helping your body do what it's designed to do -- heal what it can, regenerate what's been lost. This is the future of pain management, and we're getting there now.
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We are based in Dallas-Ft. Worth Area.
We Understand Texans.


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